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Audrey: It's just I, I think I'm past therapy.
Claire: Nobody is past it.
Audrey: I've been trapped in a snow globe, I've fought shadows and I've been almost killed machines.

Claire: Try to connect:
Nathan: To that rabid angry man dog with a gun?

If he cares about Liam, if he loves him...dogs care about things they are trying to protect.


Fartles. James.


Audrey: I'm pretty busy now Duke!
Duke: I just thought you might like to know there is a very large, naked man eating raw fish by the south dock. Kind of looks like he should be in a Bow-Flex commercial. By that I mean he's like jacked, he's staring at me.

And say what? We've got 8-10 cavemen in a barn, we might have found the missing link?

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