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You know, you didn't actually have to throw those away. You could have given them to me for recreational purposes.


If it makes you feel any better, I... I never thought you had any authority.


Duke: I would prefer that the nice girl who broke me out of a mental institution not get killed because you screwed up.
Nathan: I'm done screwing up. I'm not going to get her killed, believe me.

Nanny cams. They're not just for nannies anymore.


So Haven is too dangerous for your brother, but you want me to stay?


If I were my brother Wade, I would have planned my unexpected death.


William: And yet I know an awful lot about you.
Lexie: About me? Like what?
William: Like, you think your name's Lexie, but it's not. In fact, you're someone else entirely.
Lexie: Congratulations. You just won a prize for the creepiest pickup line ever.

The troubles are still here because of me. Because I couldn't accept that Audrey couldn't go away. Because I couldn't bear to lose her. Because I couldn't let go, so many people were hurt. People like you.


The Guard know you never really wanted Nathan dead, even after what he did. It makes you look weak.

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