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Kono: Mr. March, I'm gonna need that diamond.
March: The diamond? [holds up hand with diamond] Well, can't blame a guy for trying.

Listen, last time I saw you, I broke a couple of bones in your face. You ever mention my daughter again, I'll come back here and break every single bone in your body.


Chin Ho: Why wouldn't they snatch Mary at the airport?
Danny: Because they were more worried about the diamond smugglers than they were about us.
Fryer: Let's make them worry about us.

Steve: That anonymous call about Mary and the diamonds doesn't add up.
Danny: There are a lot of things about this case that don't add up. I'm sorry that I didn't believe Mary's story, but could you please quit driving this car like it's stolen?

Kono: The airline gave us her cell phone number, but it goes straight to voice mail.
Steve: That makes sense right? If she's been kidnapped.
Danny: You trying to convince us or yourself?
Steve: Maybe a little of both.

You can't own a wave, and while we are on the subject; Spam is not part of any food group that I care to recognize and last but not least, an appetizer should never ever, under any circumstances be referred to as "poo poo."

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