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Max: I would like the shrimp flavor tofu special please.
Kamekona: Only thing special about that order is that nobody but you orders it.

Danny: What we need to know from you is who poaches animals, specifically the endangered type.
Kamekona: Why you asking me? I sell shrimp not baby seals.

Danny: Ok, what the hell is this?
Steve: Definitely not a drug ring..

Thanks Fong, you're a geek god!


Chin Ho: Looks like one of us is going for a climb
Lori: huh..

Jeff: If you're going to go into your office, a warning, it's not a small dog and uh....
Steve: He went in my office?
Jeff: Yeah, landmines everywhere.

Max: Do I know you?
Jeff: I don't think so.
Max: Yes, I think we met before.
Jeff: No.

Steve: So suddenly you're a dog expert?
Danny: No, for your information I have had dogs my whole life.

What are we watching? Enemy Mine? That's awesome, I feel like I'm in a time machine!

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