Grover: Would you relax your giggle hole?
Steve: My what?

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EMT: Let us give you something for the pain.
Valentine: Do I look like someone who is in pain?

Steve: Listen man, I’ll go through that door first if it makes you feel better.
Danny: I know you would.

Steve: You know what, partner? We can get on a plane right now and settle this.
Danny: That is why I love you, buddy. You’re always willing to risk both our lives at any given moment.

Danny: You really think this is the kind of guy to go to the hospital?
Steve: Maybe we’ll get lucky and he'll drop dead before it’s a consideration.

I love my father, but that’s not gonna be me.


Didn’t your mother tell you to look both ways?


Just because you want to believe in something doesn’t make it true.


Okay, what you call curiosity the law calls stalking.


You wanted a smoking gun? Chew on this. Not that one chews on a gun, kind of mixing metaphors there.


He doesn’t know Danny. If this thing is real, Reyes is going to wish they never met.


Are you trying to confuse me? I’m angry, you want to make me more angry?


Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

So, our Torch is an exterminator. Anybody else see the irony in that?


Steve: "Did you say patsy?"
Danny: "I did. I've been wanting to use that word for awhile now."