Trust me, God has forsaken all of us.

Thomas Durant

They won't hang me. Shoot me most likely.

Cullen Bohannon

Doc Whitehead: This ain't gonna end well.
Cullen Bohannon: It rarely does.

I ain't a killer.

Mickey McGinnes

Elam Ferguson: This town is going to hell in a hand basket.
Thomas Durant: Your point?
Elam Ferguson: I can fix that.

One more train, then we go to Mexico.

Cullen Bohannon

You don't believe in me anymore.


You hand over that money or I'll kill you my damned self.

Cullen Bohannon

Lily Bell: Are you saying horses are more valuable than women?
Thomas Durant: Sadly, yes. Yes they are.

Choose hate. It's so much easier.

Reverend Cole

I find it hard to imagine you in a domestic setting.

Lily Bell

That whiskey goes in the dance tent, not in your tent.

Cullen Bohannon

Hell on Wheels Quotes

Daniel: You released your slaves and still fought in the war. Why?
Cullen: Honor.

Sean: Do you not believe in a higher power?
Cullen: Yes, sir. I wear it on my hip.