There is a scholarship for cheerleading? For being a football groupie?


We are an internationally recognized competitive sport. We spend 20 hours a week practicing. We bench press twice our weight and run a 7 minute mile. We compete with broken thumbs and twisted ankles, smiling through the pain. We are athletes.


You are champions of the spirit. You ignore the scoreboard. Long odds are irrelevant.


Family goes where it goes, you can't control it.


I would rock that body.

Wanda [on Justin Timberlake]

Marti:Have they met you? Have they seen your bedspread?
Savannah: It's a coverlet.

I am Facebook friends with half your squad!


You are a good guy Dan Patch. A good guy who has made some bad decisions about his hair, but still a good guy.

Lewis [to Dan]

You know what gets me through? Hope.

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