Haitian: I do not want your cure.
Mohinder: Without it, you could die.
Haitian: God gave me a power. I abused his gift, so he took it away. Now I suffer his judgment.
Mohinder: Then perhaps we should leave it to God to decide

(to Hiro) You look like a fish when you talk. Like a giant carp.

Takezo Kensei

Matt: You ever seen this symbol before?
Ando: Yes. It is a kanji. It means, "great ability, godsend."

(to Mohinder) Oh, and doctor. As of now your blood is the only cure for that virus. Try not to get yourself killed


Claire: It's no big deal.
Sandra: It isn't until it gets you noticed.
Claire: I can't even be myself at home? It's bad enough that I have to be all fake at school

Have you seen a scary white man?


High school is different... they have metal detectors for people who lay low.

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