Nathan: I thought you'd enjoy the extra time with your family.
HRG: There are only so many crossword puzzles I can do.

The Company had a good run, but it's time has passed.


We're being hunted. And we have no idea by who, why, how...


HRG: Do you have any idea what happens if they think I can't control you any more?
Claire: That's the thing, Dad. You can't.

When destiny calls, you answer the phone!


Okay, technically I'm a serial killer.


These are our targets. Know them. Hunt them, track them and bring them home alive.


HRG: Your mom and Lyle are safer this way.
Claire: You've been telling me that since I was 15.

What would your Hunter do if he knew you were one of them?

HRG [to Nathan]
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