Dr. Cuddy: I'm not gonna dump you because we like different food or books or music. On the other hand, I might dump you if you don't talk to me when you have a problem with our relationship.
House: I know you believe that now, but the fact is...
Dr. Cuddy: Who cares about common? Common is boring. I like being with you. Yo make me better. Hopefully, I make you better. What we have is... uncommon.and I've never been happier.

Dr. Cuddy: What is her problem?
House: She hates Jews!
Dr. Cuddy: Never... again.

Dr. Cuddy: You used a $3 million piece of hospital equipment so you could read a novel?
House: Cool, right?
Dr. Cuddy: Well, as your girlfriend, I'm impressed. As your boss, you're a jackass. Don't do it again.
House: As your boyfriend, I thank you. As your employee, I resent you because I need this for my case.
Dr. Cuddy: As your boss, you just got six more clinic hours next week.

Sam: I drove across town to treat a ribbon?
House: That's why I prefer lying. It makes things easier.

I know pain. You think you can handle it and one day you can't. And when that happens, you either find reason to go on, or you don't.


Dr. Wilson: This is actually good, House. She's committing crimes. What does that tell you?
House: I'm a horrible influence.
Dr. Wilson: True. A horrible influence she's reaching out to. She's looking for ways to connect. Sure, they're self-destructive, juvenile, and insane, but so are you.

House: I need some help with Alice Tanner. She wants a vagina.
Dr. Cuddy: I'm pretty attached to mine.

Dr. Foreman: So we're taking this case 'cause you're a fan?
House: No, that would be crazy and unprofessional. We're taking this case 'cause I said so.

Which of these says "I want to sleep with you" more? Penguin or beaver? Beaver. Beaver. Beaver. You're right. It's too high school.

House [examining stuffed animals]
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