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And I thought Pompeii was smoking.


Desperation Day had come and gone and you have neither gone nor come.


So that's it? A couple of white Urkels offer you sausages and you're gone?


Umm, is it getting crowded in here, because I think there are two peas in this pod?


And she sticks the landing, why don't you start stretching and I'll be right back.


Barney: Please, you might as well be dog-earing a tear stained bridal magazine while wolfing down the box of chocolates you had delivered to yourself at work from your fiancé that no one has ever met.
Bev: Gerard is real!

Ted: They're actually called British Morning Socks.
Zoë: Don't get in your own way!

Mom I hate to be that guy, but I'm pretty sure it was hot pocket o'clock like ten minutes ago.


February 13th, a magical night, where a Ten has the self esteem of a four and the depraved enthusiasm of a Two.

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