Emma: How is it no one else in the world knows this, but you do?
Chance: Because I trained him.

Baptiste: I don't get you, we were a good team and then you have to become a Dudley Do-Right. Nobody deserves to die. Everybody deserves to die, as far as someone is concerned. That's human nature, and you told me that.
Chance: I was wrong.

Winston: I saw the way you were looking at her at the Embassy.
Chance: OK. This is all in your head.
Winston: Sure it is...

Looks like a teenage girl's locker.


Emma: They don't do covert protection details unless it's a big deal.
Chance: Big enough to bring in Baptiste. We just need to find out who they are protecting.

Emma: OK, it's time you finally give me some answers.
Chance: You know everything I do, the guy kills people for money, we got to stop him, it's that simple.

Baptiste: This is it, the moment of truth.
Emma: It's over Baptiste.
Baptiste: You've got to be kidding me.
Chance: She made it out.

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