The way we operate here is based on the ability to blend in. We let you appear venerable; use that to our advantage in order to expose the threat.


Allison: This is your plan, to paint a bull's eye on my back and see who takes a shot at me.
Chance: And us, well hopefully more me than you.
Allison: A lot of people survive your plans, do they?
Chance: Oh, you'd be surprised.

Can you put some clothes on, it's distracting!


No matter how long we run they will always be one step behind us.


Allison: In less than 48 hours you got me talking about the one thing I haven't talked to anyone about in my entire life.
Chance: I saw your underpants too.

Chance: Maybe he knew the only way to keep the people you love safe is to walk away.
Allison: What, are you defending him?
Chance: I don't know, maybe I can appreciate his dilemma.

Alison: What's the plan? Please tell me it doesn't involve driving the ambulance right through the front of the building.
Chance: Ever try that? Trust me; it's not something you want to do twice.

Allison: Can you explain something to me about you associate. He's not a lawyer, he's not a doctor, and he's certainly not a cop. What the hell is he?
Winston: ...

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