Winston: Gentlemen clientele.
Chance: Pretty safe to say.
Winston: Noting safe about that place.
Chance: Are you worried about me?

Winston: Ok, so you want to tell me why we're taking this case?
Chance: Seven years ago I killed her husband.

Guerrero: Who's the dude?
Winston: You're drunk.
Chance: You're not wearing your glasses.
Guerrero: Fell into a meat grinder, new pair won't be ready until tomorrow.

Obviously I can't drive the elderly in this condition, who's going to take me to Donnelly?


Look, I don't want to hear your bad girl résumé. You're not going in cause your JV the guys in there are varsity, eyes on the road.


Internet dating, it's crazy huh?


Mrs.Brooks: You, you killed Daniel.
Chance: There's an assassin in this house, I can protect you.

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