Tanya: How come you never called me after that first night? I mean, other than you think that I come too much.
Ray: I think you come perfect. I... I think you come just right.
Tanya: Thanks.

I was a vegetarian once, and then I realized that if fish was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for Pierce.


Horny Patty: Oh, I'm having a good time.
Ray: Good.
Horny Patty: Let's fuck.
Ray: Well.
Horny Patty: That's something else I never say. God it's sounds so great.
Ray: Shit, you can say it again if you want to.

(to Ray) I divorced a boy to marry a man.


Tanya: You mean, Patty the proofreader?
Lenore: Yeah, she's the horniest woman I've ever met. Doing it right there at her desk.
Tanya: No, she was not. She was concentrating.
Lenore: Yeah, concentrating on getting fucked.

Look, T-Brain, this is your problem. You over-think. If you want sex, look in the sex ads. It's Pimp 101.


(to Ronnie) How did you get the girl? How did a guy like you get the girl from a guy like me?


Ronnie is right here. There is no need to speak about him in the third person. (turns to face Ray) You see, Ronnie wasn't on the barbecue because he was busy working in his office.

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