You can take all of your pervy little babysitter fantasies and stick them in a drawer.


There's such a thing as too many choices. I long for the days of three TV channels.


You have gun. I'm from New Jersey. We will grill these people.


That's when I know I'm up a creek when you go from semi-hostile teasing to openly supportive.


Gross. What's with all the nature?


Marshall: You think pretty high of yourself.
Heather: Not at all. Just lowly of men.

You got a little venom on your chin.


Marshall: I'm so screwed.
Mary: No your not. We are. We're so screwed.

How are you suppose to know the guy's got super Spidey powers?


It's like this guy has no history. His file's full of thick black lines.


Hey. Back off, Mary Poppins.


These guys have long memories and hollow point bullets.

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In Plain Sight Quotes

One of the most difficult moments in anyone's life is when the fog of childhood lifts and we see for the first time our parents as people.


Marshall: You are in a different kind of mood this morning.
Mary: Actually, I'm in a really good mood. Which is kind of weird considering where I was 48 hours ago. Then I had a witness off herself and, like that is not bad enough, I've got to play second fiddle to a knucklehead like you.
Marshall: Thanks for lumping me in with kidnapping, attempted rape and suicide. Can't tell you how much that means.

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