Marshall: What's that?
Mary: Sandwich.
Marshall: No, what's the other thing?
Mary: Starter sandwich.

I'd like to get reacquainted with my toes.


First off you didn't buy your dress at a pawn shop and Peter's best man is his father, not his get away driver.


Ronnie: God, I've missed this town.
Marshall: It's a city.
Ronnie: Albuquerque? Keep telling yourself that.

Dead juror. That is not great.


We're not safe. We're trapped.


He kicked. She? I'm going to go with it.


Mary texted me. I never should have taught her that angry emoticon.


Look, whatever you're going to do I have total faith that it will be the right thing for you and everyone but it's hard for me to stand here and go on about being here for Grace no matter what without making it clear that the same thing goes for you, times ten.

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