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Frank: Anyone want any more catfish?
Charlie: Yo dude. Definitely give me another one of those. They're delicious. And you can taste that sort of endangered tang...

Mac: Hey bro, how'd you lose your hand?
Sailor: Diabetes.
Mac: That's not much of an adventure is it? Kind of tragic.

These guys are more barnacle covered and sunburnt than Dee and Frank.


This floaty thing is amazing. We should patent this.


Charlie: We'll scrape all these delicious oysters or whatever off the side of the pot and we'll put them in a pot and boil them before you get back.
Frank: We'll cook them for you.
Dennis: Those are barnacles. Do not eat those. Do not cook them in a pot and serve them to us.

Work first. And then you can do your weird inflatable tube man P. Diddy dance.


You look like one of those inflatable dancing things at the used car lot. The one's that flail around in the wind.


We've had our hearts sets on this boat for days now. Which, in our world, is a level of focus which I've personally never experienced.


Boat Salesman: Let me just see if i have this right here. It seems like what you guys are looking for P. Diddy style of shrimping boat.
Charlie: You're a really good listener and I didn't peg you for one when we came in here because of the pinky ring.

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