Instead of eating it last — you don’t have to eat beak at all!


We've literally and figuratively missed the boat.


Dennis: All of us have gotten god damn weird.
Frank: I think we're just hitting our stride!

It’s got land to sea craftsmanship! We’re not missing that boat —


Only two words came up! Asians and creampies.


Frank: You’re talking like you know me. Have we ever met?
Waiter: Let’s just move past this part.

Mac: Bro you texted us 911 what’s the emergency?!
Charlie: Uh, well, our friendships in danger!

Throw those god damn flowers in the trash.


Frank: Don’t talk out loud to me!
Charlie: Roger that!

Dennis: We gotta get back in our apartment man.
Mac: Yeah I know, I hate Dee.
Dennis: Yeah I hate her.

Dennis: The one time we let you on the team instead of Charlie and all we get is back sass?! Do you even want to be on the team?Dee: Yeah, yeah, I wanna be part of the team sorry!

The real threat is here at home! We gotta spy on Mac and Dennis.