Mac: You have a bad shoulder, and that's why you could never have a catch with me, right?
Mac's Dad: Riiiiiight.

Mac: Thanks for coming with me, man.
Charlie: Well, you're forcing me too, so, yeah.

I'm gonna save my dad's life!


What’s up bitches! I’m a man cheetah! Wanna do something with this?


Shit that's Def, that's super Def.


Now you? I don’t know who the hell you are, ‘cause we didn’t have a black.


It’s good, it’s all good. I’m talking to myself, but it’s all good.


Instead of eating it last — you don’t have to eat beak at all!


We've literally and figuratively missed the boat.


Dennis: All of us have gotten god damn weird.
Frank: I think we're just hitting our stride!

It’s got land to sea craftsmanship! We’re not missing that boat —


Only two words came up! Asians and creampies.


It's Always Sunny Quotes

Principal: I'm a little confused, are you telling me this photo of Bruce Jenner is your resume?
Charlie: Well, when I showed up this morning I didn't have a formal resume on me so i was sort of hoping the photograph of Mr. Jenner could represent the standard of excellence I'm hoping to bring to his position.
Principal: And you're looking for a job as a substitute teacher?
Charlie: Substitute janitor.

Frank: When it's white people, it's surviving. When it's black people, it's looting.
Dee: No Frank. It's because the white people are stealing bread and the black people are stealing speakers.