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Lady: Are you going to take care of the crime problem here?
Dennis: Absolutely, I say we put them on buses and ship them over to Iraq.. make them fight the terrorists.
Lady: You're very handsome.
Dennis: Thank you ha ha.
Charlie: This is going very, very well man.
Dennis: I know people are really responding to me.
Charlie: They love the bone structure.

Frank: There is nothing more threatening to a man than a woman who is smart and attractive. We have to pretend you're both!
Dee: Wow, you're a horrible father.

So... if you like the Virgin Mary, and you like beer, come on down to Paddy's Pub! We got 'em both.


Frank: It could be a miracle, it could be bulls**t. There's one thing we know for sure.
Charlie: What's that?
Frank: It's a god damn goldmine.

You risk your feet, you get some shoes!


Matthew: Mr. Reynolds, I'd like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage.
Frank: Done.

No, no, see you guys are taking this thing way too far, and you know what I'm going to do? Wash my hands of it. I'm washing my hands of the whole situation Lord. (Walking away from the gang) He will smite you all. God will smite you all


Mac: You can be my right hand man. You can be my Peter.
Charlie: Oh... okay I'll be your Peter.
Mac: Dress a little nicer though, 'cause you look like shit.

Dee: For once I'm going to do the right thing.
Frank: He thinks you're too old, huh?
Dee: God-d*****, why do I speak to you, ever.

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