It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Its always sunny in philadelphia

Baby's got back, Christie. Baby's got back.


I'd rather get blasted in the balls by a battering ram than have to have a conversation with the guy.

Dennis [referring to Tim Murphy]

Get lost bitch!

Frank [to Dee]

I specialize in bird law.


Was he joking when he cut his family into little pieces and ate them for Christmas dinner?

Fatty Magoo [referring to Psycho Pete]

I've tacked on mass.


If we get our psycho back, we get the freight train back.


I'm gonna bang Tom Murphy's black wife.


Look everybody! The Aluminum Monster's back.


Charlie: Why are we hanging here?
Frank: Cool kids got us.

To think I was going to let you jack me off.

Adriano [to Dee]

I'm going to wait right here and wait for my minions to swarm me.

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