It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Thursdays 10:00 PM on FX
Its always sunny in philadelphia
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Propel me back into the mid-'90s when Dennis Reynolds was a golden god.


He thunder-gunned the shit out of us!

Gang [referring to Frank]

He's thunder-gunning some Mexican chick in the back.

Mac [referring to Dennis]

Chinese tourist: How are we supposed to get back to shore?
Frank: That's your problem. Welcome to Philly!

We don't know who you're talking about. I don't understand this tour.

Chinese tourist [referring to Frank]

The helmet is sweet as shit. It's very Thunder Gun.

Dennis [to Mac]

Look at Queen Dee too good to get naked with her buddy all of a sudden!


I'm too muscular and I can't fit through.


Your big fat body's what's disgusting.

Dee [to Mac]

Captain John turned out to be a goddamned junkie.


Dude hangs dong.


Thunder Gun leaves no man behind!

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