Now's it's two meat balls on the loose and we're completely not in the state of mind we should be.


You know it's bad when I'm the sober one.


Snooki: I'm mad drunk right now.
Deena: Can you walk at all?

We met this awesome gay guy. You're gay right? I love gay men. Love them! I can hang out with gay men all freaking day.


Let's just get wasty pants.


We're not going to remember it. We're probably gonna make out. Team Meatballs!


We got Situation nation coming down tonight!


I had a lot of anxiety over there, so... I had to deal with it over here, you know. It wasn't the right environment for me to be in... it was too much.


I would have used the grenade camera on the girl Situation brought home but I had to get this cute girl to get it in for my man Vinny.

Pauly D
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