Trying to communicate with these Italian men. Gonna be a lot of hand motions and shaking the butt.


She's gonna f#%k up that situation for this situation. I'm kind of iffy about that.


I don't know where Snooki got these workouts from. It looks like she's having sex with herself. I don't know.


These pigeons are ruthless in Italy. They will attack you and bite your ears off.


The navigation system is in Italian. I don't think the girls can understand the navigation system in English.


I'm gonna get everybody up. We need to hit GTL.


Nicole is in a relationship with Jionni. Mike wants to ruin that. It's like a switch in his head. Like it's a disease.


We should get fake boobs together. I'm scared of needles. I just want them to not sag and the other one is bigger than the other and its really pissing me off. When I lay down they go to the side. It's annoying.


My heart is racing and I smell like King Kong's a$$hole.

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