JWoww: When I saw Angelina I was like 'that's the icing on the cake.'
Snooki: I'm going to act like she's a fly on the wall and pretend she's not there.

Angelina: We're cool, right?
Sammi: I dunno, I've been hearing a lot of stuff.

It wasn't working out so we just both decided to be single.


Ron is at the club hooking up with grenades, which is a bigger ugly chick, and land mines, which is a thinner ugly chick, and ... loving life.

The Situation

Snooki: You're a white rat and you're f*%king pale and you're nasty.
Angelina: Yeah well you're too tan and you're disgusting.
Snooki: I AM tan and I like being tan BITCH!

Ronnie's obliviated at this point.


Angelina rooming with me and Situation could be a good thing or a bad thing. I don't want the drama in Miami, but then again maybe there'll be a slow night, it's raining, we got no chicks — you never know what can happen.

Pauly D

I love single Ronnie.

Pauly D

Can't do nothin' in this weather. Can't tan, can't creep. Girls don't come out in this weather, they stay in the house.

Pauly D
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