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Is there any more turkey sandwich?

Pauly D

I'm drinking my horny goat weed. I'm gonna masturbate and I'm going to bed.


How does it feel, Jenni, to have the crap beat out of you by me? I'm basking in it right now.


It's like putting a watermelon into a pinhole.


Sammi: Who gives a f*%k?
JWoww: What, did you grow some balls all of a sudden?

[to JWoww, on his bling] It's like your t!ts. Looks sick, but it's fake.


With this spray-tan, this chain, and this fitted, how could she not love me?


If she wants to come into my bed and throw it at me, I'm gonna take it.


Sammi: Was she talking $h!t?
Angelina: Yeah.

I'm done with it. Done.


Nothing happened. She's still with the f*%king kid! What else are you guys gonna do? What else do you want me to do?


She's lucky I don't go in there and backhand her.

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