I'm just like don't f*&k with my b$%ch. If you f%#k with Deena, I will hurt you.


I'm so excited to go out tonight. I haven't been out in days. It's gonna be a situation.


Mike decided to smash his head against the wall he got sick of it so much, I'm about to do the same thing.

Pauly D

It's like listening to the same annoying record over and over and over.


If I have to hear Ronnie and Sammi fight one more time, I will smash my head against the wall.

Pauly D

[to Pauly] You are like every guy I've ever dated.


FPC is a way of life. I'm a guido.

Pauly D

FPC, fist pump, pushups, chapstick!

Pauly D

Oh you hit me in the eye Louie, how many times I gotta f&*cking tell you, don't fist pump next to my eye!

Pauly D
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