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Art: She's the best marshall I've got.
Raylan: You realize I'm sitting right here?
Art: I do.

Art: You're getting old.
Raylan: Not as old as you.
Art: And you're a dick.

Clinton: I loved your sister.
Rachel: So did I.

Raylan: I have savings.
Winona: Oh, how much?
Raylan: Eight, nine hundred dollars easy.

I know, he's old and he's white, but he gets out in three years.

Nick (to Rachel)

Raylan: How much of a bad guy is her brother-in-law? Heads in a duffel bag? Or just and ass hole?
Art: He killed her sister.

Emmitt: Are you blackmailing me?
Raylan: No, this is just good old fashioned leverage.

You believe in the Dixie Mafia, I got me a toy factory in the North Pole you should invest in.


Raylan: Are you wearing pants?
Emmitt: I like to maintain my creases, stay sharp.

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