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It's awful nice getting to see your face in the morning. No matter the reason.


Raylan: I was just gonna pick up some ice cream.
Tim: Ice cream for breakfast?
Raylan: Yeah, it's got eggs, milk.

Let me get this straight. When Art gives you orders, you actually follow them? Or are you just saying that to hurt my feelings?


Listen I gotta make a phone call that I'm not supposed to make, that if you overheard you should report, so you wanna go outside and check the perimeter? Or do I have to pretend to take a shower?


Ava: You gotta promise me one thing, no whores.
Boyd: Oh Ava I haven't been to a whore since I was 14 years old.

You can either accept protection or quit the Marshal Service. I'm not gonna tell you which I'd rather.

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