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I guess that depends on your definition of friend. He's a nice enough fella, but I wouldn't ask to borrow his corduroy jacket.


Wood: He screwed your daughter?
Raylan: My daughter's in diapers.
Wood: Damn. That must be awfully upsetting then, huh?

Dewey Crowe's whore house ain't gonna have no fatties running around.


Raylan: You got a card or something?
Allison: Card? I though finding people is what Marshals do.

We don't sell donuts so why don't you take your fat asses out of here?


Dark hair, he wears it up all crazy. Smile that nearly blinds you. You know, Boyd Crowder.


Raylan: You can come back here. We'll take you in. Or swim to Cuba.
Greg: That old lady just did it. It might work out for you.

The idea behind organized crime is that it's supposed to be organized.


I'll bury you and Desi Arnaz before I let you ruin this family.

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