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Johnny: Do you want me to kill him?
Bo: That ain't the worst idea I've heard today.

Chief Mullen: Maybe he's become some vigilante.
Raylan: Hmmm, maybe he's Batman.

Chief Mullen: Someone in Harlan is going into the meth business in a big way.
Arlo: Or the folks in Harlan are really, really congested.

He can be a real old lady sometimes, can't he?

Rufus (referring to Johnny)

How about what you do for me is you leave here and never see me again. Let's start there.


If by uncomfortable, you mean it made my skin crawl, then yes.


If I start counting down from ten, I may lose my patience at five.


Cartel man: Do you have any idea what you just did?
Boyd: I just sparred your lives.

I just spent an hour next to a nut job with a live grenade. Turns out I ain't as afraid of as I used to be.

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