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You've got so many hair clips in your room, you need me to identify it?


You really don't know s*** about about the heavenly father, do you?

Mullen (to Boyd)

I thought you met that night I shot you, but, of course, you were unconscious by the time he showed up.

Raylan (to Boyd)

Raylan, with all of this man power, are you looking for Osama Bin Laden? I'm fairly certain he's not here.


Your honor, if I had thought I had to shoot him, I woulda.


Ava: Didn't the district attorney order you to stay away from Boyd?
Raylan: It was more of a suggestion.

Why don't you try real gardening. You actually seem pretty good at it.


I'm a pipe roller in the middle of the police.


Reardon: I gotta listen to this s***
Raylan: He's got a bullet in him, it's the least you could do.

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