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Assume the position...NOW....Do you dumbass peckerwoods understand english??? On the ground hillbillies! NOW!


Dickie: Oh you know I was going to tell you... I was reading somewhere a person takes like 6000-7000 steps a day..you believe that.. a day..
Rayland: Go back to the part about you "reading"

Woo! Right there, nobody gonna tell me that wasn't no base hit.


Raylan: Doyle, the girl's got a gun.
Doyle: Yeah, who doesn't?

We better get you inside. Bad things are fixin' to happen.


Boyd: You asking me? Or are you telling me?
Raylan: If it makes you feel better you can tell people I asked.

Winona: Art, please, you gotta help him.
Art: Sometimes you just can't help.

You fix her as if your life depended on it, because it surely does.


Take me to work, and you go to Harlan, but I can't promise you I'm gonna be here when you get back.

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