It's not time to pop champagne but there will be ice cream in mess.


Sophie please. Don't mistake my affection for you for weakness.


We don't drill to be good, we drill to be perfect.


I'm going to paddle you, Kendall and Chaplin straight to your treason trial. Count on it.


Grace: He thinks he's bullet proof.
Prosser: No but he wants them to think that he is.

I got front row seats to the end of the world. You think I'm missing that?


He asks the men if they want to go home, the only answer he's going to get is where's the boat and how many bags can I take.


So I get you the whole female complement up on your stay list, all of a sudden the boys think twice about turning tail.


You ever ask yourself why the Illinois tried to blow us out of the water 30 minutes after we picked you up?

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