See the court of public opinion is a tough one - but you already knew that.


Lenny: You know Big G, you and I are a lot alike.
Fin: Ha
Lenny: You got your juice, I got mine. Iron first, velvet glove.

Benson: I know this is gonna be hard for you: but you have the right to remain silent.

Barba: I just spent the past 2 hours with 23 grand jurors playing Sudoku!
Benson: It's Friday, how about we pick him up at the end of the day.
Barba: So he can't get processed until Monday and he has to spend the weekend at the tombs? Mother has real changed you Liv, brought out your sweet side.

Amaro: He doesn't have the stones for that.
Barba: Agreed, all bat no balls.

Lenny: Don't mess with LMZ!
Amaro: You threatenin' a police officer? You wanna take a swing tough guy?
Lenny: You first.

Lenny: My source is my source - 1st amendment guarantees that journalists don't have to reveal that information.
Benson: But hang on, that's for real journalism. You're not even tabloid trash.

Barba: Hold on, Madison's changed her story how many times now?
Carisi: Several.
Benson: A few! Girl was traumatized and under the influence.
Barba: Which also doesn't help.
Carisi: Yeah if I'm Russo lawyer, I'm going to paint her as a crazy fan, who admitted to using drugs and alcohol, who stalked him.
Barba: Save it for night school.

Benson: Madison, do you remember having sex with Scott Russo.
Madison: Yes! He was so gentle! That's how I know that the would never hurt me!

Ivy Baker: Let him attack another child?!
Madison Baker: I"m not a child! And he didn't attack me! I followed him to his room - because I wanted to be with him!
Benson: And were you? Madison, if he didn't attack you, and it was consensual, you need to tell us that.

Everything's going to be okay.


I don't care how good of an actor you think you are, no jury in the world is going to buy it.