There are other felonies.

Abby's Mom

Chris needed a name for his list.


Everyone knows the darkroom is where you go to have sex. Once you go down there, there's no changing your mind.


Rita: I'm here for the victim.
Barba: Ah, so you take money from both sides.

No. Before my daughter went to college, I heard her friends saying they would accuse a boy of rape if he didn't call them back.

Chris' Mom

I don't understand. Why would Chris do that to me?


I liked him. I wanted him to like me.


Abby: He started sexting me.
Olivia: Did you text him back?
Abby: I wasn't slutty.

Mike: Wow, she's beautiful
Rollins: Not at 4 AM she's not.

Dad: How was the party honey?
Abby: Fine. I'm just tired.

Psychiatrist: So no nightmares, no flashbacks?
Benson: I have both of those, that's nothing new.

Roxy, you don't have to do this. They have your brother. He's safe.