That boy goes around dressed like a girl. You should be talking to his parents, not my son.

Darius' Mom

Let me be clear. This behavior is in no way indicative of our community. We strive for inclusion.


This isn't the first time, and the local precinct never follows up.

Mr. Barber

Avery: They were giving me the look.
Sonny: What look is that?
Avery: The 'freak needs to learn a lesson' look.

Cop: And she is a he.
Rollins: Transgender?

Only one way to find out.


When one life ends another begins. You're bringing life into this world just as I lost my wife and child. I feel a connection.


Self-inflicted? Did she dismember herself too?


I know what a hard worker you are. It's a good thing because being a single mom isn't easy.


Whiskey. Does that mean it's bad news?


I know who you are, but I'm not a fan of courtroom theatrics.


I hope there's enough money in the world, Rita. I really do.