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I'm concerned about your son's safety. I'm concerned about your safety. I'm not concerned about the public perception of black men.


I'm sure there are times that he makes you feel incredibly special. But that doesn't make up for the times that he hurts you.


I heard there's anger management? A.A? We'll go. Anything.


Martin: What I'm saying is, my reflexes weren't 100%
Benson: They seemed pretty good to me.

A.J. you were flirting, and Paula got mad.


I'm not a victim.


That changes everything.


It's possible he was fending her off.


I was raised the same way. In the south, you had to pick out your own switch.


Excuse me sergeant, this is my house. And you're here with my permission. Anything you say to her you can say to both of us.


Martin: Junior!
Son: Yeah dad?
Martin: Go home to your room boy, aint nobody playing with you.

That's what you should be following up on, who leaked this?

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