Ok, Let's go steal a murder


Hammond: Out so I can see you (pointing gun).
Nate: It's not what it looks like.
Hammond: It looks like Morris Beck was murdered; you were left holding the bag for it
Nate: Maybe it is what it looks like.

Parker: I've never been to a costume party
Sophie: That is just heart breaking

Only two kinds of people in the world; cattle, and those who like a realllly good steak.


Nate: Hardison, what's the rule?
Hardison: Don't bring up a problem unless you have a fix.

Hardison: Nate killed someone?
Eliot: Nate didn't kill anyone.
Parker: But you would tell us though, wouldn't you?
Nate: Yes Parker, I would tell you if I murdered the mark.

Eliot: This is a bad idea; the way I normally get information out of guys is messy
Nate: Tonight you are a grifter, adapt.

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