There's one thing I want to tell you. Don't waste time.

Charlie [to Parker]

Sophie: You can't possibly know that's the real story.
Nate: No, but it's the best story.

This painting is about a man going to work. That's why you loved it. Somehow that got lost.


Hello little hidden key to a safety deposit box.


Nate: What do ya got?
Hardison: Oh probably just my sensitivity to dust mites. It's what happens when you send me to the Hall of Records a second time.
Nate: No. No. Dorothy? Ross? What do you have on Dorothy Ross?

Younger Dorothy: Guess I don't have your imagination
Younger Charlie: I don't imagine. I plan.

Nate [to Eliot after he plays with the video chat image of Hardison on the screen]: Not a toy.
Eliot: What? Man's telling me to learn technical stuff all the time.
Nate: Well, that'll never happen.

Eliot [on a video chat with Hardison]: Where you at?
Hardison: I'm in a damn storage closet. Smells like moth balls and old people.

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