You tell John Stafford this is over, but not in a negative way.


We have been invited back stage. Re-pattern amongst yourselves.


Danielle: I want to kill him.
Lightman: That might cost you a little extra.

Gillian: I say he is a narcissist, and you make this about you?
Lightman: Oye, that reminds me I want a big wanky picture of myself to hang in my office.

Lightman: I have a little problem Em. Semicolons, I never understood them.
Emily: Yet you use them anyway.

Stafford: You're a bully Dr. Lightman.
Lightman: I'm a bully, without acolytes.

Stafford: These are two of our initiates.
Lightman: Well our initiates are back at the office digging up crap on you.

What a load of old bollocks John. Your name is John, right?


Lightman: John Stafford is responsible for your mom's suicide attempt.
Danielle: Are you asking or telling me?
Lightman: I am just telling you what you want to hear love.

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