Do you know what the first line of his book is? "Let there be Lightman."


Lightman: I spoke ill of your grandmother today, never done that before.
Emily: It's ok dad, if you killed yourself I wouldn't forgive you, either.

Emily: You okay, dad? Why do you look like you are going to throw up?
Lightman: I'm okay, it's just now I have a forward and no book.

Candice: Dr. Lightman, my pageant is about to go up in flames.
Lightman: Down in flames, up in smoke.

You just rang a bell you can't unring. You know that, right?


Lightman: When you hear hooves...
Gillian: Think horses, not zebras.
Lightman: Either way, it's a stampede.

Emily: What's going on Dad?
Lightman: Beans on toast love.
Emily: At four AM?
Lightman: Best time love.

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