So I'm going balls out, sort to speak. I like you Emma. I think you're crazy hot and scary as hell.


Ryan: Cate, what would you have done, not now, but then, if he had told you he loved you? Would you have called off the wedding?
Cate: I don't know.

Hi Steve, who's you're friend?


Emma: This is just wrong.
Baze: Emma, no it's not.
Emma: It is for a million reasons.

Cate: So what? I'm just supposed to be okay that she's not pregnant? What if she were pregnant, would you have called off the wedding?
Ryan: I don't know.

Cate, when you and I broke up, Julia and I slept together.


Lux: Why do you care? Why do you care if I show up for stupid tutoring or not?
Eric: Because maybe tutoring is the only way I can spend time with you without it being wrong. It's the only thing we can actually do together.

Lux, you realize you do understand this stuff.


Johnny represents hope. I knew you'd like this. It's all about the have and have nots.

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