I'm glad Cate's marrying you.


Rejection is a hard thing to shake off.


He just told you he has feelings for you - at least you can appreciate it for one second - at least I would.


Get her done.


And that is what your relationship with Abby is - a phonut. It looks like the real deal, but in the end no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, it is not what you really wanted.


I can't be stuck here with you idiots and your phonuts.


I'm sorry, I just like you. You're just not an easy person to walk away from.


Math: Is that a Kabala bracelet around your wrist?
Baze: Abby said this is the new live strong.

Ryan: 250 items? Why can't we just order barbecue and wing it.
Cate: You just said order barbecue and wing it.

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