Kelly: Stop talking about my sex life.
Ryan: Stop talking about my marriage.

Emma: I think I'm falling in love with you.
Baze: I think I am too. With you. Not me. That would be weird. Falling in love with myself.

Cate: What I asked you is are you 100% completely over her?
Ryan: No.

(to Ryan) With whom, who. Yeah, you know. Your NBF. The guy you go camping with, who you drink beers without the whole yap yap.


Is it hot in here or is it me. It's me!


No worries, I have a stain stick.


(to Cate) Fine, if you're buying then I'm consuming.


Paige: Whoa! What about balls? I thought we were going to dinner?
Ryan: Dinner's off. I need to have a break from all the yapping and honesty exercises.

(to Emma) I'm not jealous okay, and apparently I'm not even your boyfriend.

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