Kirby huh? From lawsuit to flowers?


Kirby: I was just trying to keep up with you, you deserve the gold
Nico: I already have the gold

Your radiant and it's bugging me. Is it the Hollywood Cookie Diet?


Do you know how many times I bought a business that I wasn't absolutely sure was going to make a profit? Once. I wasn't looking to buy a clothing company... I didn't want to buy a clothing company. I wanted... It doesn't matter what I wanted... I have gambled enough on Victory Ford


Chloe: Can I mix gin with vodka?
Victory: Not after labor day.

Dahlia: Not a person is gonna be able to think trash without thinking Victory Ford
Victory: Why does that sound so wrong?

But you can't wear green, you look like Shrek. Put it down.

Victory [to Wendy]

If that was my face on page 6, I would have brought Maddie, Taylor, three Cambodian orphans, and a basket of puppies.


Wendy: You call Joe again
Nico: Again? I am one call away from a restraining order.
Wendy: Again

Nico: how was your date?
Kirby: Dull or maybe it was thrilling. I dunno. You choose. You set it up.

Shane: I know she's your bff and all...
Wendy: Did Maddie teach you that?
Shane: Yeah..

Doesn't Thanksgiving already come with a theme? It's like hanging a hat on a hat

Nico [referring to Wendy's locavore theme]

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Everyone knows Joe Bennett. He collects Lamborghinis and vendettas.


Kirby: You should have lunch here more often.
Nico: Maybe next time you'll actually give me something to eat.