Joe: That was fun.
Victory: Were we at the same party?

Wendy: I lost my virginity in moccasins.
Nico: You remember what shoes you wore?
Wendy: It was the most memorable part

You know what they say, all men are asses and all women are crazy.


I'm not judging, I'm just counting disposable cameras and fannie packs


Joe: Happy one year anniversary
Victory: Day late and a dollar short
Joe: You have no idea

Wendy: What's with the credit card?
Nico: I'm using it to cut the chocolate
Victory: What, are we gonna snort it?

Wendy: If we're going to have a locavore Thanksgiving it's going to take planning..
Victory: and a BB gun. How do you get a meal out of Central Park anyway? Is there a recipe for stewed squirrel in here?

Right now I feel like a pawn being pushed around by two queens.


Wendy: Show me the upper outer quadrant of your buttock
Nico: Talk about words I never thought I'd hear you say

Nico: I don't this, I'm married.
Kirby: That's cool, give me a call if you change your mind. Let me give you my number. [Writes it on her leg]

I have a daughter who lives with me and a babysitter who's about to kill me.


Wendy [to Joe]: You should have come to me first, I've been married th e longest
Nico: You got engaged with a plastic ring from a Coney Island vending machine
Wendy: It's romantic
Nico: Only because the claw didn't pick up a troll doll

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Joe: I happen to know a lot about spectacular dresses. I've taken off one or two in my time.
Roy: Really? You like to tuck or you just roll with the bulge?

[Ted waving steak knife]
Ted: Shane, tell her she has to do it
Shane: Well, darling, gentleman wielding a steak knife is making a demand