He may have been late to the summer of love but he was determined to be the last leaf

Joyce [about Wendy's father]

Nico: What do you want Kirby?
Kirby: You.

Chloe: Can I mix gin with vodka?
Victory: Not after labor day.

Joe's Assistant: Anything else you want me to tell Mr Bennett?
Roy: I'm impressed.
Joe's Assistant: Not you.

I have a daughter who lives with me and a babysitter who's about to kill me.


Nico: It's the clothes they're rejecting, not you.
Wendy: Her clothes are her.

It's good Wendy. It's sweeping. It's touching. You have a big hit on your hands. I'm sleeping with a 25 year old!


Wendy: ...and I have to admit I needed the attention
Nico: You should have called us, we wouldn't kissed you
Victory: Unless you want us to

I like this side of you. It's like sorority girl meets women's prison. Can I frisk you?


Victory: You're gonna dance with someone who hasn't taken their mask off yet, what if he doesn't have eye brows?
Roy: I'm not dancing with his eye brows if you know what I mean

Wendy: Okay look, if you're grossed out by the word salmon skin, let's just go back to the pork chops. Your parents eat meat right?
Victory: My parents will still be eating the dinner rolls they stole from Joe's plane.

Joe: ... my former dentist
Victory: Well aren't you gonna say hello?
Joe: Why should I? He gave me a sinus infection.

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

The freezer is stocked with dove bars and weed.


Nico: What, you're not ready to help me raise my dead husband's baby? What's the matter with you?
Kirby: Well when you put it that way