Nico [about Victory posing nude]: tie your image to your brand. Look at Martha Stewart, she's very smart she put herself over everything
Victory: Not naked
Wendy: Well, we never saw the prison calendar

Chloe: Can I mix gin with vodka?
Victory: Not after labor day.

Shane: If the director's already looking at choices, what's are the chances?
Sal: Wendy can make it happen, she did before.

Joyce: Who's Max? The husband?
Wendy: The dog
Joyce: Whatever happened to just bringing a bottle of wine?

I know you thought we could fit a crowd in here. I hope it's alright that it's just us.


Joe: That might be my assistant. She's bringing my dinner. Kidding.
Victory: Let's go alienate Shane and Wendy.

Victory: You're early
Roy: I like to get in at least half an hour before my boss
Victory: Well that might be tricky since I live here

Victory: Why are you emailing Joe Bennett? Does he own this building?
Dalhia: Well technically he owns this whole block.

Mr Benett's Assistant: Mr Benett would like to meet you to tonight at the ley
Victory: Uhh... and what is this in reference to?
Mr Benett's Assistant: He finds you very attractive and according to Google you are single
Victory: I'm sorry. Are you asking me on a date.
Mr Benett's Assistant: Yes I am... err he is.

It's like a tupperwear party, but with bling.

Wendy [on Victory's jewelry party]

I am so sorry, look, now you have to let me buy you that free drink


Joe: Boring, what about dinner?
Victory: In what zip code?
Joe: yours. I'll pick you up around 7, wearing something that comes off easily.
Victory [hangs up]: He's the devil.

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Who do we plan on using if Prince Will defects? Queen Latifah?


I want to be wiping Time Warner with my shoes. These are Guccis, I don't sully them lightly.