Victory: Do we get to meet slash judge your evil twin?
Nico: She's not evil, she's nice.. there's just...
Wendy: If she's nice why are you looking for problems?

Wendy: Maddie, we've discussed this. Paul is too old for you. If I can't trust you when you leave this house, then you're only going to leave the house for school
Maddie: Fine! Put the ankle bracelet on me since you couldn't put it on dad!

Wendy: Next time it would be nice if we all great ordered takeout from the same place.
Shane: Globalization is not great for the planet, but it's great for leftovers!

Wendy: Look at me, my hands are shaking.
Shane: Take a Xanax.
Wendy: I already did, this beyond Xanax.

Victory: I'm sorry
Joe: For?
Victory: You have to understand who my parents are. A wedding is not a wedding to them if it doesn't last 5 days. My dad's toasts are longer than most German operas.
Joe: Victory..
Victory: My family is so close it's not even a family, it's like a cult

You can see a doctor and save your marriage in one visit. One shot and your back in business. Come you ladies can't be that far behind the curve. Botox has moved south. Way south. They're shipping collagen down to the delta


Victory: I've come here to say two things to you. One, I'm sorry. and, two, thank you. Thank you for everything you've done for me
Joe: you're welcome
Victory: Wait, three. I would have said yes. [Joe gives confused look] To your proposal. I would have said yes
Joe: May i say something?
[Victory nods and Joe kisses her]

The freezer is stocked with dove bars and weed.


Victory: Did you set me up on a date without me knowing it?
Dahlia: I wouldn't exactly call it a date..
Victory: He's cutting my cheese!

Victory: I hate this you know. I hate you sending a jet for me. I hate that I liked riding in it so much. I hate your smug attitude like you're some big hero, cause you're not. You just called your assistant and her send it for me
Joe: Actually I called myself. And hey I could have waited for you in the car. But here I am standing in the tarmac freezing my ass off. I don't do this for anybody.

You can't take it with you, but if you could, [these earrings] is what you'd want to be buried in.


Wendy [asking question out of a magazine quiz]: What do you know that you wish you knew when you were 25
Victory: Don't kiss your contractor if you want Joe Bennett to call you back
Wendy: Oddly that's not one of the choices

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Victory: As long as your my boss there's no point in discussing a romantic relationship.
Joe: That leaves is in a bit of a pickle doesn't it? And pickles and truffles. Not sexy.

So we out of creamer?