Nico [holding up dress]: What do you think of this?
Victory: That would impress her if she was a librarian at a women's prison. How did you even put this look together with my clothes?
Nico: I need your help, I'm trying to de-cougarize

Nico: What do you want Kirby?
Kirby: You.

Victory: I tell you guys about things I'm afraid to show my dermatologist
Wendy: You still haven't had that looked at?

If that was my face on page 6, I would have brought Maddie, Taylor, three Cambodian orphans, and a basket of puppies.


Who cares what he thinks? He looks like Orville Redenbacher

Dahlia [about Roy]

I have a daughter who lives with me and a babysitter who's about to kill me.


Victory: Is that a juice bar because I just see mixers in there
B&B Owner: It's a spa, you drink liquor, you age quicker

Victory: Why haven't you ever been married?
Joe: I dunno I guess I just haven't met the right guy.
Victory: I'm serious.
Joe: ...and smelling a lot like my wine cellar.

Nico: Editor-in-Chief of Bonfire magazine
Lou: They give those job to women?
Nico: When we keep our crying, and baking, and having babies in check

You sure about this, even if we kept it for a day, put it on eBay?


Victory:'s like trying to ask my parents, it's like they're predisposed to not be critical
Roy: We have very different parents

Victory: You're probably at a really good part in the book... is Charlotte still alive?
Celia: Charlotte dies?

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

To you it's Thanksgiving, to me it's just Thursday


So we out of creamer?