I have a daughter who lives with me and a babysitter who's about to kill me.


Joe: Happy one year anniversary
Victory: Day late and a dollar short
Joe: You have no idea

You know what's so great about tennis? Love means zero


Joe: That might be my assistant. She's bringing my dinner. Kidding.
Victory: Let's go alienate Shane and Wendy.

Wendy: If anyone can carry off a straight jacket, it's you.
Victory: Thanks, I do love a buckle

Kirby huh? From lawsuit to flowers?


What do you mean done? You didn't unclog my toilet, you met my best friends.


Yeah but what subway line comes out here?


Nico: Editor-in-Chief of Bonfire magazine
Lou: They give those job to women?
Nico: When we keep our crying, and baking, and having babies in check

Nico [holding up dress]: What do you think of this?
Victory: That would impress her if she was a librarian at a women's prison. How did you even put this look together with my clothes?
Nico: I need your help, I'm trying to de-cougarize

Wendy: What's with the credit card?
Nico: I'm using it to cut the chocolate
Victory: What, are we gonna snort it?

Wendy: Hey when do I get to hear what you're working on?
Shane: Off the clock. How often do we get the chance to dance without being mocked by a fifteen year old?

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Don't looked so shocked Janice. I had to come here that's friends do for each other. You'd know if you had any.


He left me for someone who sleeps in nightgear!