Nico: how was your date?
Kirby: Dull or maybe it was thrilling. I dunno. You choose. You set it up.

Nico: You don't have me, my husband has me.
Kirby: Yeah, I keep trying to forget about that

Wendy: If anyone can carry off a straight jacket, it's you.
Victory: Thanks, I do love a buckle

Nico: You're freaking out
Wendy: No I'm not, I'm budha on the mountain

Victory: If the sketches were stolen, we need to speak to the men who did the move.
Joe: Somehow I doubt men with names like Bubba and Bones would know where to sell a cocktail dress design.

Nico: Breathe.
Victory: I can't. I feel like someone botoxed my entire body.

Nico: Are all these [photos] yours?
Kirby: Yep, my living room doubles at the Kirby Atwood gallery of mediocre art.

Maddy: I like this music.
Wendy: You should, you were conceived to it.

listening to music in the back seat of your car isn't a date, Joe. it's high school.

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