Wendy: ...and I have to admit I needed the attention
Nico: You should have called us, we wouldn't kissed you
Victory: Unless you want us to

Victory: You're gonna dance with someone who hasn't taken their mask off yet, what if he doesn't have eye brows?
Roy: I'm not dancing with his eye brows if you know what I mean

Nico: Editor-in-Chief of Bonfire magazine
Lou: They give those job to women?
Nico: When we keep our crying, and baking, and having babies in check

Victory: ...it's like trying to ask my parents, it's like they're predisposed to not be critical
Roy: We have very different parents

I lived a whole life before you victory, if you want to hear more, share it with me


Victory: You can't go on this trip, it's too dangerous
Joe: Life before caller id, that was dangerous, this is a challenge

Kirby: I love Halloween
Nico: Oh come on it's just an excuse for woman to dress up like sluts and for men to wear makeup without their masculinity questioned
Kirby: ...and there goes my Jack Sparrow costume

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