Lost Girl

Mondays 10:00 PM on SyFy
Lost girl
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I'm not scared or anything, I'm just bored, and you amuse me.


Kenzi: I'm fricking freezing, dude. Can you, like wolf out and lie on my feet.
Dyson: Maybe later.

Did I just wake up in Narnia or is that the fever talking?


Kenzi: Everyone, just calm down. It's just a little eye blood, okay? Who hasn't had a little eye blood before, huh?
Bo: Can you help her?
Kenzi: I think I just -- I sneezed a little too hard. I just need to go home.

Bo: Are you okay?
Kenzi: I'm fantastic, yeah. Worst-case scenario -- I just ate toxic soup. Best-case scenario -- I am a-a toe-sucking cannibal!

Aswang: Oh, we eat human corpses.
Bo: Uh, say again?
Aswang: [Cough] She is new. Oh, we would never take a human life. We just use their dead bodies for our nourishment.

What is it take-a-Fae-to-work day?


Bo: You are definitely curious. I'm not so sure it is entirely scientific.
Lauren: We need another drink.

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