The Ewoks sucked.


Ben: You're the monster.
Fake Locke: Let's not resort to name-calling.

Kate: So the woman who told you how to come back - did she mention it was going to be 30 years ago?
Jack: Nope. No, she left that part out.
Kate: So what are we supposed to do now?
Jack: I'm not sure yet.

Sawyer: I ain't here to play Nostradamus to these people. Besides, Faraday's got some interesting theories on what we can and can't do here.
Jack: Faraday? Is he here?
Sawyer: [pauses] Not anymore.

Now we wait for [Locke] to come back... as long as it takes.


[to Locke] I think about you sometimes. I think about how desperate you were to stay on that island, and then I realized, it was all because you didn't love anybody.


Jack is here because he has to do something. He can't be told what that is. He's got to find it himself. Sometimes, you can just hop in the back of someone's cab and tell them what they're supposed to do. Other times, you have to let him look out at the ocean for a while.


Jacob had a thing for numbers.

Fake Locke

How do you feel about polar bear feces? Because if you breath one word of this, I'll have you shipped to Hydra Island so you could weigh turds for their ridiculous experiments.

Dr. Chang

Juliet: James, are you sure you know what you're doing?
Sawyer: Not yet. But I'll figure something out.

If you want your child to live, every time you hear whispers, you run the other way.


As long as the dead guy says there's a reason, I guess everything's going to be just peachy.


Lost Quotes

Cesar: You know him?
Locke: He's the man who killed me.

[on Sawyer and Juliet] I thought it was kind of obvious. I mean, who couldn't see that coming?