Kate: So the woman who told you how to come back - did she mention it was going to be 30 years ago?
Jack: Nope. No, she left that part out.
Kate: So what are we supposed to do now?
Jack: I'm not sure yet.

Jacob had a thing for numbers.

Fake Locke

She's right. It was me. Sorry.


I never should have left the Island!


I'll miss you John. I really will.


MIB: So, do you want to play or don't you, Jacob?
Jacob: Yes. I want to play.

Miles: I've never been here before two weeks ago.
Daniel: Are you sure about that?

Locke: Don't you want them to come back? Don't you want her to come back?
Sawyer: Doesn't matter what I want.

Locke: I was confused and scared and babbling like an idiot asking why all this was happening to me. I thought it meant something.
Sawyer: Did it?
Locke: No. It was just a light.

I have to make them come back, even if it kills me.


Sawyer: I ain't here to play Nostradamus to these people. Besides, Faraday's got some interesting theories on what we can and can't do here.
Jack: Faraday? Is he here?
Sawyer: [pauses] Not anymore.

Jack: Where are we?
Christian: This is a place you all made together so you could find one another...Nobody does it all alone. You needed them and they needed you.
Jack: For what?
Christian: To remember and to let go.

Lost Quotes

The only side he's on is his own.


Locke: What happened?
Ben: It let me live.