Jerry: Having learned so little, I can offer to teach you everything I know.
Naomi: For what in return?
Jerry: Sticking with a fella who's feeling lucky. Maybe sometime later in the evening you'll let him take you out for a soda.

She's building a relationship with the horse based on trust and respect, which is what the inmates would also learn - breaking down dysfunctional differences. The human bonds with the horse making a herd of truth. You wanna give it a try?

Claire [to Ace]

Escalante: Which one of these palaces is yours?
Eduardo: There.
Escalante: Some people are very good at lying. Hard to believe you think back to the lying you've done yourself.

Mike: A map of Ireland on your mug and a name hanging off you like Israel.
Nathan: My mother's maiden name was O'Hanlon.
Mike: One mystery put to rest while another only deepens.
Nathan: What mystery deepens?
Mike: The strength of your grip on the tiller, young Israel, the depth of your composure while navigating these difficult waters.
Nathan: I'm taking my melatonin. I think much more than you realize Mr. Bernstein's purposes coincide with yours. Lowers the double agent stress.
Mike: I've known Chester Bernstein son, since before you bleeding journey from your irish mother's womb. Without wanting to give offense, your being privy to his intentions is not a likely premise.

Nathan: Answers a question with a question.
Mike: 100% solidarity with Ace. Syntax is how I know. Syntax!

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