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It's been a pleasure working with you all. I wish you the best of luck.


Of course I love you. I'm giving up my life to be with you.


Rachel Menken: It's hard to get caught in a lie.
Don Draper: It wasn't a lie, it was ineptitude with insufficient cover.

Advertising is based on one thing, happiness. And you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It's freedom from fear. It's a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is okay. You are okay.

Don Draper

Fear stimulates my imagination.

Don Draper

What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons.

Don Draper

Don: We should get married.
Midge: You think I'd make a good ex-wife?

Don Draper: Let me ask you something, what do woman want?
Roger Sterling: Who cares?

Roger Sterling: I bet there were people in the Bible walking around, complaining about "kids today."
Don Draper: Kids today, they have no one to look up to. Cuz they're looking up to us.

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